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ICE-4000 Electric Ice Bucket
The Electric Ice Bucket can replace the traditional laboratory ice bath. Reliable Peltier technology facilitates easy bench top cooling. Immerse vials of any shape into the bath of aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ (instead of water or ice). Samples stay cold and organized- no more floating samples! Because there is no ice or water used for cooling, the risk of water contamination of laboratory samples is minimized. With no expensive ice machine to maintain, the Electric Ice Bucket eliminates the cost and inconveniences associated with traditional ice.

electric ice tray

• tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ act like an ice bucket that never melts
• Hold capped and non watertight vessels in place without rack
• Plug it in and get cooling within minutes
• Always on, always cold: maintains cold as long as it is plugged in
• 3 liters of tecaLAB™ Aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ included
• Distribute your cooling investment to everyone’s bench
• Cooling from 10 to 20 °C below ambient
• Cools just about any standard block in your lab
• TECA thermal lab beads keep samples safe, secure and cold
• Stirring Ice Buckets available
• Temperature controlled (heating/cooling) versions available
• Accessories available
• UL approved power supply

Cooling Techology Thermoelectric (Peltier), air cooled
Temperatures Cools 10 to 20 C below ambient
Media 3 liters of tecaLAB™ Thermal Beads™, included
Bucket Size 270 long x 125 wide x 160 tall (~4 liter)
Weight 15 lbs (without Thermal Beads™, 3.8 lb/Ltr)
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Acrylic
Cover, standard Flat, 325 x 150 (12.8” x 5.9”)
Outside Dimensions 325 L x 150 W x 250 H (12.8” x 5.9” x 9.8”)
Input 12 VDC, < 160 Watts
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ, 160 W, 12 VDC output UL, CSA and CE compliant

lab armor thermal beads lab armor beads laboratory thermal beads

Price: $1199, , quantity discount available

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