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AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate
The AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate boasts adjustable features: stir bar speed, fan speed (for noise reduction) and temperature control (internal or external sensing). Optional sleeves make it adjustable for use with standard bottles and beakers or custom-diameter vessels. Applications include titration testing, testing of specimens, drugs and industrial chemicals and process testing in industrial or laboratory environments.

electric ice tray

• Heating and cooling
• Unique high-performance side mounting cold plate
• Magnetic drive for stir bars from underneath the bottle
• Magnetic stir offers 5 speed settings
• Standard and custom sleeves
• Made for use with Corning Pyrex® brand beakers
• 100-240 VAC universal, Integral power supply
• North American Standard power input cord set
• Variable speed fan for reduced noise
• Weighs only 38 lbs. (17.3 kg)
• Compact bench-top design
• No compressor, fluorocarbons or filters
• Virtually maintenance-free operation
• Painted stainless steel exterior housing


peltier cold plate, peltier hot plate

Price: $8815, quantity discount available

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